Mission and vision

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Mission and vision

Proflangs stands for quality and attention to detail. What precisely does that mean for you? For us, the optimal level of quality is achieved when our customers are satisfied. Quality for us means that we provide you with the correct text in the right context, meeting the agreed deadlines, while working efficiently and striving to ensure effective communication. In short, we meet our commitments.

Our team is characterised by its friendly approach to ours partners and its personal attention for our clients. Every order is treated with the careful precision it deserves.  Our employees all take that extra step when it comes to helping our clients achieve their objectives.

Proflangs continuously strives to deepen its knowledge and expertise in the field of translations for German and Dutch customers in particular. In addition to maintaining good personal relationships with customers, we continuously work on developing our expertise in the effective use of software and technology. Healthy growth in the coming years will allow us to invest in new talent that can help us achieve our goals and stand behind the mission we have for Proflangs.

In addition, we strive to ensure growth in the depth of skills and knowledge which will benefit our customers. For an increasing number of customers, Proflangs has become an important link in achieving their goals in the field of international business and communication.